Nord Helmet photoshoot with Manzi DeYoung

About a month ago I was wrapping up my Skyrim Female Ancient Nord/Draugr Helmet project, and posted some of the progress over at my facebook page. One of the people commenting on the progress had a profile picture of them wearing a fantastic Dovahkiin costume, which got the gears turning…

While finished props sitting on a white background are always nice for a simple portfolio piece,  I had to see what my helmet looked like with a complete set of armor!

Manzi DeYoung is the model and builder of the Iron Armor/weapons and Dragonborn costume shown here (armor and cloth work? This lady is going to take all my clients!) After following her comment to her own facebook fanpage, I dropped her an email asking if she wouldn’t mind doing a shoot with her armor and my freshly finished helmet. I got a very enthusiastic “yes” and we were off! All photography work is credit to Max Song.

A few medical issues prevented the final shoot from lining up with my blog post about the helmet build process, but the results were worth the wait and I think its better to showcase cool pics like this on their own post instead of after  along build log anyways.

I think its worth clarifying a second time just in case anyone missed it: The only thing I made here is the helmet. Manzi is a fellow prop maker out on the west coast, and the armor she’s modeling is a result of her efforts, not mine!

If you’d like to see some more of Manzi’s work, you can check out her website here. I’ve only posted a handful of my personal favorite shots from this photoset, but more can be found (and, as always, in higher resolution!) on my Flickr page.

Thanks for reading!