Upgraded Dust Shoe for Ryobi Belt Sanders



The stock dust boot on a Ryobi kinda stinks, and we all use these things! Propmakers, foamsmiths, leathercrafters – all of us are covered in shavings, looking for an alternative.

Here it is! These .STL files will provide you with a much cleaner workspace. These are designed to be 3D printed as a center, left and right segment then glued into a final part. The new dust boot uses the factory Ryobi mounting holes and covers much more of the machine belt. Dust collection is directly aft of the flow of dust, reducing clogs and material build up!

Five files are included:

  • Left endcap, covering drive belt on the rear of the machine
  • Right endcap, with a cutout for belt changes
  • Center section for 4″ dust hose
  • Center section for 3″ dust hose
  • Center section for 2″ dust hose

On our machine in the studio, we printed the final pieces in ABS using the following settings: (note that the photos below of the prototype physical print don’t have the cutout on the Right endcap for belt removal shown in the product renders)

  • 0.8mm nozzle
  • 0.2mm layer height
  • 20% infill
  • 3 layer outer wall

Enjoy a cleaner, less dusty shop today!