ALGS World Championship Trophy

After an initial soft launch in 2021 featuring an interim stand-in trophy, the team from Apex Legends wanted to step up their game with a top-tier sculpture that would better represent the world stage-level tournament. EA was looking for a cup-style design that continued the sharp angular geometry of the Apex Playoff trophies while highlighting the trademark series red color and visual chaos present in tournament FPS games.

Our trophy is over 2 feet tall and features a combination of rhodium and 24k gold plating. Candy clearcoat on red elements shifts the finish to a vibrant satin and gives the interior of the cup added depth while highlighting the Apex “A” logo. A total of 12 individually sculpted elements comprise the completed design, each plated and painted in specific Apex brand colors. Integral to the design was the ability for a full team to hoist the cup in celebration, so ample room and anchor areas were designed into the trophy neck area to facilitate the iconic lifting moment.