Corsair FT100 Fidget Keycaps

For our third year running Volpin Props was integral in helping Corsair to push the boundaries of PC Gaming Accessories on April 1st. The “FT100” keycaps aren’t a real product, but they were brought to life in a marketing push complete with motion graphics, retail packaging, and fully functional fidget keycaps.

The keycaps that were designed use off-the-shelf components for both speed of project completion and budget considerations. These include a toggle switch, click wheel rotary encoder, micro-keyboard switch, micro-trackball, and a full sized fidget spinner! Each key was painted in a textured black matte finish to match production Corsair keyboards perfectly. 25 sets were created in total with 18 sent out to Corsair partners & influencers, while Corsair ran a promotion to gift several other sets to fans in an online contest.