League of Legends LCS MVP Award

Continuing our relationship with Riot Games’ North American league, we were tasked with designing an iconic MVP award for the LCS Spring and Summer split tournaments. As part of a sponsorship with Honda, the audience of the digital-livestream events in 2020 would vote on their choice of MVP during the course of the tournament. Our winged victory cup is 20” tall and nickel chrome plated for a unique satin brushed finish. 

To better assist with the production of the livestream event, we also provided Riot Games with a set of digital renderings and 3D turnaround videos to be used during video production. This allowed the LCS to promote the event and showcase their MVP trophy in tandem with our crew shipping the finished piece directly to the winning player. Less than 24 hours after Riot’s fans had made their decision, these trophies were in the hands of their winners and posted across social media!