Miquella Sculpture; Elden Ring DLC

Following our large scale builds of Miriel and Armored Core, Bandai Namco came to our studio again in the spring of 2024 and requested another journey into the world of Elden Ring. The first DLC for the game was set to launch in summer, and an exclusive invite-only event would be held at Forever Hollywood where media and influencers would get to sample and review the game pre-launch.

In-world, accessing the DLC area of the game is done by touching the hand of Miquella, encased in his cocoon and slowly bleeding from his withered arm. Bandai wanted their guests to enter the play area for the game in the same way; by touching an actual arm of Miquella prior to entry. Miquella is enormous in-game, and while event access and loading restrictions limited us to a 75% scale iteration, he’s still got an 8′ long arm poking out from a 12′ wide and 10′ tall cocoon!

The cocoon and hip bones were constructed from urethane board and sealed with weather resistant resins to enable this structure to be installed outdoors in California in May. Since attendees would be touching the arm repeatedly, a steel frame was embedded into the fingers and up the arm into the cocoon to ensure it could withstand a vigorous amount of contact. Miquella and his cocoon was designed to split into six separate components, each able to fit through the narrow 4′ opening in the event courtyard. A small resin blood pool shipped with the sculpture to give the finished install an extra level of scenic integration and realism!