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Diablo 4 Weapons for Blizzcon 2019

For the reveal of the much-anticipated Diablo IV at Blizzcon, our studio was tasked with filling out the weapons rack showcase for the “Diablo Experience” – a themed area in the Anaheim Convention Center where Blizzcon attendees could get an up-close look at real world assets from the world of Diablo created by various artists […]

PUBG European League Trophy

As part of a suite of new designs for 2019, we were contacted by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to create 3 new designs for their top tier Esports tournaments. The second of the three was for the European League, known as the PEL. Similar to the NPL Trophy created just weeks prior, we had a very short […]

Kaalgrontiid, Elder Scrolls Online

To promote the #SlayDragonsSaveCats event held in Elder Scrolls Online, our studio was hired to create two busts of the elder dragon Kaalgrontiid for Bethesda Softworks. Entrants who fought dragons in-game generated real world donations from Bethesda toward non-profit animal assistance groups and were simultaneously entered to win prizes like our sculpt! Kaalgrontiid is over […]

Poltergust G-00, Luigi’s Mansion 3

When Nintendo wanted to let industry influencers feel what it was like to wear the iconic Poltergust from the Luigi’s Mansion series, they reached out to Volpin Props to create the most accurate version of this complex vacuum to ever be created. Debuting at a special preview event for games industry press and brand ambassadors, […]

National PUBG League Trophy

As part of a suite of new designs for 2019, we were contacted by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to create 3 new designs for their top tier Esports tournaments. The first of the three was for the North American league, known as the NPL. Both the design and construction processes were on extremely short deadlines, as the […]

League of Legends LCS Trophies

Since 2016, Volpin Props has been providing Riot Games with the trophies for each of their LCS (back when it was called NALCS!) split trophies, as well as the championship trophy itself. Production was backdated to the original beginning of NALCS so each Spring and Summer split championship team would receive a copy of the […]

Rocket League Universal Open

For the 2018 Rocket League Universal Open, our client presented us with the challenge of capturing the spirit of Rocket League for their championship trophy.  Given the unique style of the game, Nick Fair Design expertly provided a concept that fit the bill: a futuristic piece that incorporated the signature ball and slick energy that […]

Book of Rites, Pyre

For PAX 2019, our friends at Supergiant Games contracted Volpin Props to continue our tradition of bringing iconic items from their titles to life. 2019 marked the 10-year anniversary of Supergiant showcasing their debut title Bastion at PAX 2009, and their anniversary booth would feature a replica from each of their titles over the years […]

MOA, Warframe

The Moa, a customizable robotic companion in Warframe, was constructed for Tennocon 2019. Built as a highlight piece for fans to see in person during their own convention for all things Warframe, we built and shipped this sculpture in 4 weeks for his Canadian debut! Our Moa is constructed of roughly 250 digitally sculpted components, […]

Benares, Honkai Impact 3rd

Benares is a nine foot tall, ten foot wide, smoke breathing armored dragon built in 20 days for her debut at Anime Expo 2019. As one of the main boss battles in Honkai Impact 3rd, Benares is a massive and imposing opponent, capable of crushing the player character with massive claws or swatting at them […]

League of Legends MSI Opening Ceremonies Mask

A combination of traditional eastern art and a splash of futurepunk were mashed up to create the center stage violinist’s mask for the Riot Games’ 2019 Mid Season Invitational. Created with lightweight epoxies and foams, comfort and visibility for the musician was key in creating this piece. Since the artist was on the other side […]

WRATH Shotgun

Our third project for 3D Realms after a sentient robot arm and a glowing sci-fi crossbow followed the established trends of subtlety, restraint and delicate form that this publisher has become known for. Naturally, a four foot long 2-bore shotgun with glowing etched runes was next on the list. This replica debuted alongside the game […]

Blizzcon 2018 Replica Weapons, Diablo 3

For Blizzcon 2018 and the release of the Diablo 3 Eternal Edition for Nintendo Switch, we were tasked with bringing seven iconic weapons from the Diablo universe to life. Each weapon represents one of the classes in Diablo 3 – from Barbarian to Wizard, they’re all here! Creation of the weapons was specific to the […]

League of Legends Academy League Trophy

Following our projects for the LCS Championship trophies and multiple winner’s trophies, Riot Games approached our studio with a request for their Academy League tournament – an event which allows the solo players to play in a tournament environment with new teammates before proceeding to larger tournaments like LCS. This award was created to emulate […]

Ion Maiden Crossbow

As a follow up to our 2017 Bombshell project for 3D Realms, we were asked to produce one of the weapons from Ion Maiden, a prequel to Bombshell and the second title in the series from the development studio Voidpoint. This crossbow first debuted alongside Ion Maiden at PAX South 2019. Finished in a dark […]

The Samaritan, Hellboy

Created as an ultra-precise replica of the weapon used in the 2004 version of Hellboy, the Samaritan was modeled 100% from scratch based on screenshots, illustrations, stunt-used copies of the hero weapon and references provided by memorabilia collectors with access to the genuine article. The finished prop features a moving trigger, hammer and break release […]

Hearthstone Global Games Trophy and Medals

For Hearthstone’s 2018 Global Games World Championship, Blizzard requested an antiqued treasure piece to represent the championship trophy.  With the beautiful design work of Jonah Lobe, we created a 26″H antiqued brass piece with illuminated mana swirl elements and a weathered cloth banner.  The central tower is a solid clear blue casting, cored out to […]

Arby’s SOULCALIBUR VI Nightmare

For the release of SOULCALIBUR VI, our partners Bandai Namco and Arby’s requested a special piece: an entire Nightmare and Soul Edge built from Arby’s boxes! To fit with Arby’s phenomenal branding team, this piece was built out of cardboard and Arby’s food packaging. Designed by Wooden Leg Studios, an entirely scratch built 3D model […]

Riot World Champion Figurines

For the 2018 League of Legends World Championship, Riot Games created a unique music video to showcase signature players within their competitive eSports leagues. Reimagined as stylized Summoners from the game, Volpin Props was hired to recreate the characters in the music video in figurine form for each of the players themselves! At 8″ tall, […]

Arena of Valor World Cup

For the inaugural Arena of Valor US World Championship, our client requested a trophy to best represent the grandeur of the 2018 event and the game itself. The finished design is comprised of 9 individually sculpted and cast components, each plated in 24k gold before masking for gloss black paint to accent areas of negative […]

Overwatch World Championship + MVP Trophies

Created for the Overwatch World Championship to serve as the perennial Overwatch award for the World Championship series going forward, the OWWC Trophy is one of the tallest pieces we’ve built to date! Measuring nearly 3′ in total height and plated in 24K gold, this award weighs in at 25lbs! The clear cast globe at […]

Heroes of the Storm World Championship

For Blizzcon 2017 and beyond, Blizzard wanted a new Championship trophy for their Heroes of the Storm franchise. This was designed to follow the aesthetic of their Mid Season trophy, with all of the design dials turned up a few clicks. Bigger, shinier, more parts, and way heavier! The HotS Championship trophy incorporates a significant […]

Curse Employee Helmet

Continuing the theme from our previous awards for the team members at Curse, this helmet was created as the 2018 Curse Employee of the Month Award. Penned by Zach Fischer Illustration to build on design elements from our 2016 Broadsword and 2017 Shield, this piece was first modeled by Wooden Leg Studios prior to rapid prototyping. In […]

Axe of the Black Labyrinth, Amid Evil

To promote their upcoming title Amid Evil, New Blood Interactive contracted Volpin Props to replicate their feature weapon from the game, the elaborately titled “Axe of the Black Labyrinth” The axe was showcased at PAX East 2018 and used in photo opportunities with attendees. Two flexible foam copies were also produced for future convention appearances […]

Voidsteel Helmet, Elder Scrolls Online

Part two of our promotional partnership for The Elder Scrolls Online! We recreated the Voidsteel Helmet and shipped it off to one lucky winner. Lacking in-game assets, the helmet was first digitally re-sculpted in ZBrush before 3D printing and assembly. To ensure a sturdy and durable replica, this printed piece was molded and cast from […]

Hearthstone INNvitational Award

Our first pun-based eSports trophy! The Hearthstone INNvitational took place at Blizzcon 2017 and featured 12 of the best Hearthstone players battling in a round-robin 3-person team format for the first time in the history of Blizzcon. We were tasked with bringing to life a large element of the logo – the tavern window in […]

Heroes of the Storm Mid Season Trophy

In 2017 we started our eSports and prop fabrication relationship with Blizzard, producing twelve individual pieces over the span of six months. One of the first of the completed projects from our studio was the Heroes of the Storm trophy for their Mid Season competition. This would be followed up Blizzcon a few months later […]

The Elder Scroll, Skyrim

Created as a sweepstakes prize for the release of an expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online, two copies of the enigmatic Elder Scrolls from which Bethesda’s long running series were created by our studio in 2017. These replicas followed the designs in Skyrim and ESO. Master sculpts were hand turned to produce molds and urethane […]

Shadow Sharpshot Bow, Horizon Zero Dawn

The art direction in Horizon: Zero Dawn is as captivating as the gameplay, and we set out to recreate Aloy’s Carja Blazon Heavy armor set along with the Shadow Sharpshot bow as a set of personal projects in 2017. The bow itself is comprised of twelve cast urethane components with dozens of beads, leather, elastic […]

Superleague Gaming “City Champs” trophy

Superleague Gaming approached us wanting an eSports award that spoke to the core element behind their organization; teams are assembled from local talent and compete on behalf of their cities for the annual City Champs prize. Our design features a crystal skyline rising from a large faceted central gem. The trophy was also requested to […]

Ancient Nord Armor, Skyrim

This armor was created as an extension of the Nightingale Bow and Ancient Nord Helmet projects as a costume piece for DragonCon 2012. All leather and cloth parts are the work of the model shown in these photos, Emily Krix. Armor plates are created out of worbla, EVA foam and steel rivets. Weathering on each […]

Curse Employee Shield

Created as the 2017 partner to the Curse Broadsword, this shield will be used to adorn the offices of each Curse employee of the month for one year. The shield itself is a custom design penned by the artists at the Atlanta SFX studio Hex Mortis. The Curse dragon and orange colors feature prominently on this […]

The Transistor, Transistor

One of our most electronically ambitious projects, the Transistor was created for Supergiant Games as a photobooth accessory similar to the Cael Hammer project from Bastion. Attendees at PAX could pose with the blade and get photos emailed from the event, which was a huge opportunity for various cosplayers to act out all sorts of […]

League of Legends LLN Trophy

Continuing our relationship with Riot Games eSports, the team in charge of the regional championships for Riot’s Latin America division asked us to create the trophy for their annual tournament. Riot had a rough sketch design of this piece for us to work from, which was expanded upon and 3D modeled for production. One request […]

League of Legends All Star 1v1 Award

Created as a partner to the “Fire and Ice” awards, the 1v1 All-Star trophy was created for the individual League of Legends competition held in Barcelona. The All-Star is the final event in the League calendar for the year; it’s a last hurrah to celebrate the individual skill that goes into League of Legends. The best […]

TwitchCon Cosplay Contest Award & Medals

The Twitch Crafting Angel was created for the newly minted Creative segment of to make their debut appearance at TwitchCon 2016. Paired with a cosplay competition in which participants streamed construction of their costumes and props, the build on this trophy took place during several live streams showcasing the construction from raw 3D print […]

Emily’s Crossbow (The Blacksparrow) Dishonored 2

Created for the release of Dishonored 2, Emily’s Crossbow (internally referred to as the “Blacksparrow”) is comprised of over 60 individual components including a hand carved Sapele hardwood stock. All of the separate parts assemble via screws and bolts; the completed replica requires no glue in order to hold it together. The final replica employed the use […]

Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker Championships

For their first ever custom Planeswalker tournament awards, Wizards of the Coast came to us and asked for something unique to Magic: The Gathering. Eleven total awards were created for the 2016 season, with two grand prize trophies created, four finalist awards, four runner up, and one regional award. Nicholas Fair created the concept for […]

League of Legends All-Star Team Awards

In a whirlwind three weeks, eighteen of these “Fire and Ice” awards were created for the League of Legends All-Star event held in Barcelona. The All-Star is the final event in the League calendar for the year; it’s a last hurrah to celebrate the individual skill that goes into League of Legends. The best players […]

Rocket League Championship Trophy

The world of eSports is an interesting one. When people ask what I do for a living, I like to reference this trophy. “A few months ago I was building a three foot tall sculpture of rocket powered cars playing soccer” The Rocket League Championship trophy is a massive piece – the individual smoke trails […]

League of Legends ULoL Trophy

The North American Collegiate Championship for League of Legends was re-branded in 2016, and re-titled University League of Legends Championship, or ULoL. To go along with the shift in branding, naming and aesthetics, the people at Riot Games wanted a new trophy as well. The approach to this project was far different than that of […]

Sivir’s Chakram, League of Legends

Commissioned by Riot Games for Penny Arcade Expo East 2016 as a partner to my Fishbones prop, this is a replica of the four-bladed chakram from the default Sivir character skin. With the game artwork being somewhat low resolution in League of Legends, new source art was created that follows the design language of Shurima […]

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Major Trophy

The people at Major League Gaming were looking to try out a different approach with their Counter Strike award for 2016. Previous trophies were more in line with major sporting events, and this year MLG wanted something traditional looking but with an eSports spin and iconic Counter Strike imagery. The conceptual design was handled by […]

Curse Employee Broadsword

The people at Curse don’t approach employee rewards in the same manner as many other companies. People that have worked for Curse for 5 years or more are gifted one of the Curse dragons found elsewhere in my portfolio. If you happen to work at their Huntsville office, you gain one month ownership of the broadsword […]

Fishbones (V2), League of Legends

Commissioned by Riot Games, this battle damaged and rusty Fishbones is based off the weapon artwork in Jinx’s character reveal cinematic “Get Jinxed”. While this is the second Fishbones I’ve completed, many of the parts still needed to be hand-shaped (such as the armor plates, handles and back fin) making this replica as much of […]

Strafe Shotgun

Created as a promotional piece as part of Pixel Titans’ Kickstarter for their retro first person shooter STRAFE, the Strafe Shotgun may look like a real weapon, but don’t let the high resolution graphics native to the world of Strafe fool you. What you see here is a non-firing replica! The pixelated appearance was lifted […]

Amiga, Bombshell

For Penny Arcade Expo 2015, 3D Realms wanted a replica of their highly complex cybernetic arm “Amiga” from their upcoming title Bombshell. The arm itself was modeled in very high detail to expedite the build process. Start to finish, this piece was constructed in only four weeks. This project was a collaboration between my studio […]

League of Legends NACC Trophies

The textbook definition of a short deadline, I was given three weeks to both design and replicate eight awards for the League of Legends North American Collegiate Championships. There would be seven smaller pieces used as individual trophies for the team members, and one large “hero” award used as the centerpiece during the championship match […]

Garuda’s Spine, Final Fantasy XIV

Garuda’s Spine is the largest single item I’ve built to date and was the culmination of many hundreds of hours of work. Commissioned as a cosplay accessory, the project went into full excess when my client said his deadline was malleable and I could take my time to get all of the details perfect. The […]

Curse Game Expo Awards

After the larger employee awards, Curse was looking to have a series of smaller trophies created to be given away at game expos and conventions in recognition of outstanding gameplay elements. The idea was to craft a transparent 3D representation of the Curse logo with a callout area on the base recognizing the company and […]

Cael Hammer, Bastion

We actually built the Cael Hammer for Supergiant Games twice; once to display at Penny Arcade Expo East back 2015 and a second time three years later as a give away for fans in 2018! This video highlights the giveaway piece, while the 2015 replica was used in at the PAX photobooth by convention attendees. […]

High Fidelity, Sunset Overdrive

Built for Microsoft and Insomniac Games to showcase the Xbox One title Sunset Overdrive, this weapon is part of a collective build of 2 replicas built in collaboration with the studio Hex Mortis. The gun breaks down into component parts for transport and shipping and was built largely with 3D printed parts to save on […]

Curse Gaming Awards

Curse Gaming needed a 3-dimensional version of their flame dragon logo created to serve as a trophy for part of an employee awards program. The project brief specified a statue of around one foot tall, tinted red and translucent to emulate flame, with significant weight so the trophies felt substantial. The initial order called for […]

Scissor Blade, Kill la Kill

An absolutely ludicrous weapon, the Scissor Blade is one half of a giant pair of scissors wielded as a sword and used to disable sentient malevolent clothing.  Anime plots never make sense once they’ve been spelled out. This scissor blade is four feet long and was cast with a 3/8″ steel rod inserted into the […]

Magister’s Staff, Dragon Age 2

Physically identical to about fifteen other staves in the Dragon Age series, the Magister’s Staff is shown here as both the regular and “corrupted” versions. Both staves were completed for costumes debuting at Dragon Con 2014 and are cast urethane resin with embedded steel rods running the entire length of the handle. Clear cast gems […]

Captain Ahab, Sunset Overdrive

Built for Microsoft and Insomniac Games to showcase the Xbox One title Sunset Overdrive, this weapon is part of a collective build of 2 guns built in collaboration with the studio Hex Mortis. The final spear gun measures 48″ in overall length and has been designed to be both extremely lightweight – under 4 lbs […]

Fishbones, League of Legends

One of the largest replicas in my portfolio to date, Fishbones is a 43″ long shark-shaped rocket launcher that sports illuminated eyes and an articulated mouth. The upper and lower jaws pivot on spring loaded hinges and can be controlled like a puppet by the person wielding the weapon. While primarily a display piece, Fishbones […]

Planet Express Ship, Futurama

Commissioned as a display piece, the Futurama Planet Express ship (Ol’ Bessie) is a project I’m happy to have finished. Futurama is a favorite franchise of mine and I was lucky enough to find two clients who wanted me to replicate the iconic ship for them. One of the most deceptively complicated pieces I’ve ever […]

Needler, Halo 4/Reach

Created as part of a series of written project tutorials for, the complexity of the HALO Needler rivals some of my most challenging projects. A summary of the build is really a listing of numbers: 15 different molds were created for the individual components and 24 cast parts go into the final product. There […]

Nightingale Bow, Skyrim

Created in about three days, the Nightingale Bow was built to accent the Ancient Nord armor project for DragonCon 2013. Since speed was key in this project, this is a one-off with no molds or cast parts. Since this is a cosplay accessory, the bow has been made with weight and durability in mind and […]

Holophonor, Futurama

What started out as an unloved and uncleaned student’s clarinet purchased at a thrift store was gradually transformed into one of the more unique musical instruments in science fiction lore. Most of the original clarinet parts remain intact and still articulate on their original springs and hinges. The bell of the instrument houses 54 LEDs […]

Physics Cannon, Half Life 2

This piece was created as a “bookend” copy to the Gravity Gun replica built for the Child’s Play auction. The winner of the first replica wanted the matched set from the Half-Life series. While at first glance this piece may be identical to the Gravity Gun in appearance, the electronics have been modified so the […]

Militech Crusher, Cyberpunk 2077

This replica gun was created for the game studio CD Projekt Red to highlight their upcoming title Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 2013. The pistol has a spring loaded trigger and removable magazine with a chromed 12ga round, and is composed of 13 individual resin and metal parts. An acrylic display stand was also provided with […]

Splicer Masks, Bioshock

The two masks shown here are replicas of the remarkably creepy party masks worn by the inhabitants of the underwater city Rapture in Bioshock. Both masks have been painted to emulate the look of decaying and cracking paper maché, dirty with the filth of being worn for years longer than they were ever meant to […]

Sophitia’s Omega Sword, Soul Calibur IV

This remarkably thick sword is eight individually cold cast urethane resin components with a thin aluminum powder coating. The aluminum coating allows this piece to be buffed like real metal and simulate a metallic effect without the need for paint or a chemical chroming process. The finished blade is 32″ long from pommel to tip […]

Sophitia’s Elk Shield, Soul Calibur IV

Built for costuming as well as display, this piece was constructed to be lightweight as well as robust while still remaining as faithful as possible to the source material of the game. The finished shield weighs less than 3lbs. The crackled paintjob on this piece was the result of a very unfortunate painting accident which […]

Shield of Whiterun, Skyrim

Created in about three days as an accessory to a costume, this piece had to be made simple, light, but also durable enough to withstand a four day convention packed with 40,000 people. The final piece weighs only 2.5lbs and weathered the crowds of Dragon*Con 2012 wonderfully. After its costume duties were finished, the shield […]

Terrible Shotgun, Fallout 3

Completed as both a collectable piece and slated to be showcased in the web series Nuka Break, the Terrible Shotgun is a unique weapon from the Fallout universe, and one of the most deadly at close range. This replica uses mostly metal parts; the barrel and heat shield are aluminum, as well as the trigger […]

Steel Axe, Skyrim

Made as a costume accessory for a convention, this piece had to emulate the look of real metal as accurately as possible but still be “convention safe.” All parts are resin cast, using aluminum powder and billet polish in order to get a reflective metallic shine to the axe head, neck and pommel.The finished piece […]

Helm of Yngol, Skyrim

Commissioned for Dragon*Con 2012, this helmet was built to accommodate and accent the owner’s beard first and foremost. Originally the client had wanted the Iron Helmet from Skyrim, but changed his mind to the piece seen here in favor of the large upturned horns and scrollwork. Like the Female Ancient Nord Helmet, this piece was […]

Destructoid Helmet V2

With the first helmet having seen over three years of rigorous use since it was constructed, the guys behind Destructoid reached out to see about getting a replacement made. A lot of lessons were learned from the first iteration, and the new helmet was constructed to be the lightest and most comfortable mascot head […]

Dovahfett Project

Created to benefit the Make-a-Wish foundation, this helmet is one of 50 that were distributed to artists and companies around the world as part of an exhibit to be shown at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando. All 50 helmets were cast from a screen-used copy of Boba Fett’s helmet, and artists were encouraged to […]

Female Ancient Nord Helmet, Skyrim

Taken on as a personal project, the Ancient Nord helmet was a welcome deviation from the mechanical angles of guns and the exacting precision of chrome DJ helmets. This helmet exists in the game Skyrim as a relic from a time passed, neglected and abandoned in a tomb for a few hundred years. Rust effects […]

Clare’s Armor, Claymore

This armor is created mostly from sintra and vacuumformed styrene. Special care was taken to keep the visual aesthetic of the armor that is shown in the anime and manga series, while avoiding the unfortunate “football player” effect that large shoulder armor can often have on a costume. The final armor was spattered with purple […]

Gravity Gun, Half-Life 2

The Gravity Gun was built for the annual Penny Arcade Child’s Play charity dinner in 2011. The finished piece is constructed from over 200 laser cut parts and features 109 LEDs which pulse in a random pattern to give the illuminated sections the same variable glow seen in the game. The final gun rests on […]

Thrall’s Doomhammer, World of Warcraft

This massive bludgeon was built as a costuming piece, and therefore needed to be as lightweight as possible. By making the hammer head from hollow foamed PVC, the result is a piece nearly 3 feet long from hammer head to pommel, yet it weighs only 8lbs. Natural wood and leather elements were used for the […]

Daft Punk Thomas Helmet

The most electronics-heavy project to date, the Thomas helmet sports nearly 400 LEDs and twelve circuitboards. The 8×40 display matrix in the visor is capable of scrolling text and patterns and can be controlled by a custom iPhone app which updates the display wirelessly. The result of four months of build and design time, the […]

N7 Valkyrie Rifle, Mass Effect 3

Originally built to showcase Mass Effect 3 at Bioware’s booth for San Diego Comic Con 2011, this rifle was eventually re-created eleven times for various other promotional events and offers. Two rifles were distributed as prizes for GameStop manager’s conferences, an additional four were built as part of Mass Effect 3 pre-release marketing as prizes […]

GLaDOS Potato & Portal Gun, Portal 2

Built for display at the VALVe offices in Seattle, this Portal Gun features an embedded potato GLaDOS speared onto one of the barrel prongs. The gun itself has been modified from V1 with new decals and a heavier weathering job as it is seen in Portal 2. GLaDOS has five LEDs embedded into her “eye” […]

Cassandra’s Digamma Sword, Soul Calibur IV

Far too thick to actually cut anything, Cassandra’s short sword is still a fairly intricate build. Completed in about a week, the finished piece is both lightweight and durable. In order to comply with convention safety guidelines, the blade and handle are both made from wood, while other parts of the sword are cast in […]

Cassandra’s Nemea Shield, Soul Calibur IV

A continuation of Cassandra’s arsenal from Soul Calibur IV, the Nemea shield was built with weight and durability in mind. This piece would need to be able to both withstand the abuse that a convention can dish out to props and accessories, but also be lightweight enough to be carried around all day without wearing […]

Cassandra’s Pauldrons, Soul Calibur IV

Originally sculpted out of a very heavy epoxy clay, these pauldrons were hollow cast in urethane resin in order to be as lightweight as possible. The arm cuff is tightly fitted to the wearer’s arm and held in place with a friction fit so no additional strapping or harness is needed in order to wear […]

Portal Gun (V2), Portal

The second Portal Gun was created for the annual Penny Arcade Child’s Play charity dinner in 2010. This new project featured the same illumination as my original piece, but was constructed from all cast plastic parts and also featured sound effects for firing both orange and blue portals, as well as “startup” and “shutdown” sounds. […]

Bolter Pistol, Warhammer 40K

Built as a showcase piece for New York Comic Con 2010, the Bolt Pistol was completed in nine days. The finished pistol was displayed at the “Ultramarines” booth where convention attendees could pose wielding the weapon in front of a green screen for a souvenir photo. Over the course of the convention the pistol was […]

M8 Avenger Rifle, Mass Effect 2

Created from scrap materials over the span of roughly one month, the M8 Avenger Assault Rifle from Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 was constructed with economy in mind. As a personal challenge, its creation was bound to a self-imposed budget of “as little as possible.” The end result required only $28 in out-of-pocket expenses. Red LEDs […]

Daft Punk Guy Manuel Helmet

The Daft Punk Helmet, a tribute to Guy Manuel de Homem Christo’s signature headpiece, was an intricate and complex project that spanned nearly a year and a half in creation. The final product is a combination of resin casting, mold-making, sculpting, PCB layout design, computer programming, and many other processes. Illumination is controlled through a […]

Force-a-Nature, Team Fortress 2

The Force-a-Nature, a popular weapon from Valve’s online multiplayer title Team Fortress 2, is a colossal sawed-off shotgun featuring 7” barrels that discharge 4ga rounds. In keeping with the cell-shaded and colorful art style of the source material, no weathering was applied to the finished piece. The barrels and breach chamber lock in place magnetically […]

AER-9 Laser Rifle, Fallout 3

The AER9 Laser Rifle was a commission piece built for Bethesda Softworks, the studio behind the hit game Fallout 3.

Big Daddy, Bioshock

The Little Sister Syringe and Big Daddy Suit, both from 2K Studio’s Bioshock, were created as personal projects in 2009. While the syringe uses mostly found objects as its base, the bouncer Big Daddy suit was a custom scratchbuild from the ground-up that took nearly two full months to complete. The suit is designed to […]

Portal Gun, Portal

Created in about two months, the Portal Gun is a copy of the main implement used in VALVe Studio’s 2007 release, Portal. As one of my first major projects, it helped spark my appreciation for props and replica design. This project was revisited twice more before the final version was completed in April of 2011. […]